Hi, I’m Ruward,

I’m a passionate researcher in the foundations of science, particularly theoretical physics, as well as biology, technology, and history. In my free time, I read as many books as I can get my hands on, spend quality moments with my family, play the piano, and engage in college rowing, cycling and bouldering.

With a balanced outlook between my technical and reflective sides, I have discovered my niche in the history and philosophy of science. This is a dual perspective: I delve into the intricate details of physical theories and interpretations of science, while at the same time inspired by the approach advocated by my advisor Hasok Chang, in which the history and philosophy of science is "continuation of science by other means."

This combination seems to me the best way to form a comprehensive understanding of science and scientists’ claims about the nature of reality, taking them seriously while acknowledging that scientific development is contingent and human, and could have taken different directions in the past.

I am exploring how this mindset can inform the teaching of science in schools and universities. Teaching holds a special place in my heart, and I spend much time teaching at high schools and universities, which I find very rewarding.

Currently I’m working on a Ph.D. at Cambridge, supervised by Jeremy Butterfield and Neil Dewar, for which I explore alternative theories in science, particularly physics. I specialise in quantum mechanics, notably its multiverse interpretation, gauge theories, and spacetime alternatives to general relativity such as (flat!) teleparallel gravity.

If you have any ideas or insights you would like to share or discuss, please reach out – I’m always happy to chat.